Wood Gloat – Southern Yellow Pine

Tonight marked another step towards building that seminal rite of passage in the woodworking:  building one’s own workbench.

Today we have a plethora of resources on the ins and outs of workbench design, not the least of which is Chris Schwarz’s book Workbenches:


Not only do we have this book, but several other instructional sources for building our own benches. There have also been several bloggers who have shared their experiences while building their benches (just to link a few).  I’ve been following and reading all I can in preparation for constructing my own bench.

Part of that preparation has been looking for a bunch of wood to use for the bench top.  I’ve made a regular habit of combing Craigslist every couple of days to see if I could find that hidden gem of an ad offering the impossible.  I think I found it.  Tonight I bought (literally) a truck load of southern yellow pine – a Schwarz bench top favorite:



That’s forty-two 10 foot 2x6s and six 12 foot 2x6s.  I got the whole lot (almost 500 board feet) for a ridiculously low price of $125!  There’s probably enough wood in there to build two nice workbenches.  As I was unloading the boards out of the truck, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should build a 10 foot long bench with a 6 inch thick top!

The biggest negative with a score this size is I don’t really have a whole lot of room to store the wood until I can get to actually using.  While there are projects in progress in the garage (especially big ones like the crib), I have resorted to the Wood Zealot’s storage system – my dining room floor*!

*Note – this storage location is wife approved.

4 thoughts on “Wood Gloat – Southern Yellow Pine”

  1. Storing wood in the living room? You’re a braver man than I! Thank goodness I have an over-sized garage. Even then, I do store a nice amount of wood off to one side and up high (6′ and up) using “L” brackets and lag bolts. Something to consider…

    When I have a few minutes, I’ll have to go back through your blog entries and read up on the crib! Sounds interesting!

    1. Believe it or not, putting the wood in the dining room (temporarily) was actually my wife’s idea. I’ve got a large crib in several large parts taking up most of my one car garage right now, so she was pretty understanding with the space – so long as I finish the crib yesterday soon.

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