What Happened to the Fall?

Had everything gone according to Hoyle, you would have seen several posts over the past few weeks walking you through the steps as my Build Challenge entry was progressing. I did make some progress, such as roughing out the legs on the bandsaw:

but I just didn’t make enough time for the shop over the past two months to complete the project.  One major distraction in October was the arrival of this little guy:


It would be unfair to blame it all on little Michael. Really it comes down to me not woodworking to deadlines.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d remember that I finished my daughter’s crib in time for her 9 month birthday (yikes). Given that I’ve blown the challenge deadline, I’m going to readjust my priorities in the garage.  A big reason for this is that the garage is a complete mess. Beyond the normal “tools are strewn because I’m working,” I’m completely out of space. I need to fix that before any large scale projects can really be attacked.

For the next couple of months, here are my priorities in the garage:

  • A small Christmas gift – I’d already started working on this project some time ago, but now it gets repurposed for the holidays. I can’t get into any more details, because the recipient has been known to read the blog ;-)
  • The design challenge – The other thing that has slipped over the past 60 days was my effort to post one design a week in 2010. Barring a manic effort over the next few weeks while I’m on paternity leave (see the above picture), I won’t get to 52 designs. I’m already up to 25 ideas, so I’ll surpass a design every other week for the year. Let’s see how many I can actually get posted.
  • Resawing local cherry – Back in August, I picked up some cherry logs from a friend who cut down a few trees in his yard. Some of logs are quite wider, so I can’t run them all through the bandsaw. I recently won an auction for a lot of several hand saws, including a couple of very coarse rip saws. Once I have the widest of the logs cut, I can try out the resaw blade the BC Saw & Tool sent me a few weeks back.
  • Build challenge table – There has been a ton of great feedback and support for the design I put together for the build challenge, so I do plan on finishing the table. I”m just putting in on a slight back burner for the time being.
  • Tool clean up – In addition to the saws I mentioned above (need some sharpening), I have a ton of planes that need varying degrees of tuning. Some will be keepers, some to resell, all in need of some love. I should add shop clean up here. I need to rearrange some of my larger tools. I need to get some better storage arrangements as well. It also wouldn’t hurt to run some more circuits off my new sub-panel.
  • Ammo crate – Lost in the last few weeks was the project I was working on before the build challenge started, my ammo crate.  The stackable trays are complete, but I need to still make the outer crate.

You’ll notice that list involves a lot of things that don’t necessarily have to be done in the shop. That is highly intentional; my shop is my non-climate controlled garage, which gets fairly cold during these up coming winter months. I have a small space heater that can make it bearable to work in the garage, but only for spurts. These are also just a list of short term projects.  I still have a large pile of southern yellow pine 2x6sthat are aching to become a Roubo bench. There are also a few unique boards that are still searching for a project. My summer project was going to be an entertainment center for my basement, which is still a huge need. On top of all that, there are several ideas from my design challenge that I definitely want to bring to life.

Thanks for sticking around this long. This post has been cathartic, after failing to meet the deadline for the build challenge. I’ve found that lists seem to make it easier for me to be productive, so here’s to hoping for quite the working winter. Lots to do, so I need to get to it…

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  1. There’s nothing quite like doing a brain dump is there? Get it all out of your head and onto paper (well…virtual paper) so you can clear your head and get some perspective.

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