Arts & Crafts Bookshelf – Designing

A few weeks ago, Michelle mentioned that she wanted a new cabinet for the kitchen to keep all her cookbooks. So as a bit of a warm-up project in my new shop, I offered to build her one. I decided I wanted to make something in the Arts & Crafts style, so I broke out my A&C books to look for inspiration:

I dog eared a bunch of pictures with notes about which details I wanted to include in this project. I ended up focusing in on the cover project from Woodworking Magazine #3 (Spring 2005) – Gustav Stickley’s #73 Magazine Stand.

I’ve decided to make a few adjustments and embelishments on Gustav’s design, mostly to fit our specific needs in the kitchen. I’ve adjusted the height and width, added drawers, and included some decorative mortises to the sides.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do for pulls on the drawers.

This weekend I finally got around to the initial milling of the cherry I bought for this project.

It felt really good to be in the garage doing some real woodworking.

5 thoughts on “Arts & Crafts Bookshelf – Designing”

  1. Lots of work to this point, must feel good being in the shop, I’m a bit jealous!!!

    Hey, how did the new floor feel after being on it all day?

    Did all your new electricity work as planned??

  2. Steve,

    That’s a very artistic stickering job you did there. Though it may not be the best for supporting the material, it’s very nice to look at.

    I think that I would make a single drawer and a wide pull, echoing one of the cutouts on the sides.


  3. Neil – the floor & electric worked wonderfully. The electric was great, having multiple outlets in the center of the room meant no extension cords for anything I did. The floor was evident in what I didn’t get – foot and/or back pain!

    Dyami – Thanks!

    Chris – I’m really liking your idea for a single drawer & wide pull. Out of curiosity, how would have stickered that pile differently?

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