Confidence from Minimal Experience

I’ll get a bigger blog post out about the progress I’ve made on the Roubo, but first I wanted to share about my shop session last night.  I consider myself a hybrid woodworker, but my hand sawing experience is fairly limited. Beyond a few sets of practice dovetails, I haven’t done much sawing by hand, let alone joinery by hand.

Given that back story, what on earth would give me the impression that I should cut the tenons for my bench legs by hand? The answer – Two short sessions cutting a tenon at the Hand Tool Olympics at Woodworking in America. Not just the fact that I cut two tenons, but I got feedback and instruction after cutting them. This is the often overlooked portion of the Hand Tool Olympics, the ability to get people like Adam Cherubini and Bob Rozaieski to give you tips to improve your skills.

Special shout-out to Mike Siemsen, who makes the Olympics, as well as this picture below, possible:


4 thoughts on “Confidence from Minimal Experience”

    1. That picture is right off the saw. I did two of the four last night, and of those tenons, 6/8 cheeks were good and 7/8 shoulders – so I shouldn’t have too much clean up for these tenons. These were the first cuts I made with my new Bad Axe saw (did you hear that Rob Bois won one?) and I’m thrilled with how it performed.

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